Residential garbage

Curbside collection of all residential household garbage (clear bag residual garbage), blue bag recyclables (paper products, glass and metal) and organics (green cart products) are collected in different areas within the Municipality on a bi-weekly schedule.

Download the pdf Garbage Collection Calendar (682 KB) .

The scheduled collection of residential household garbage shall be limited to a maximum of one (1) black bag, all clear bags and all blue bags. The waste and recyclable component(s) allowed in each of the bag types are defined and shown in the “Waste Separation Guide”. This guide also details how to deal with “Electronic Waste”, Household Hazardous waste”, “Paint” and “Tires”.

pdf Download the “Waste Separation Guide” (560 KB)


Industrial/Commercial/Institutional garbage (I C & I Waste), as described in the Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-Law No.27A, from any commercial operation within the Municipality shall be collected and removed from the site by the owner or agent and this service shall be the responsibility of the property owner.

pdf Download “Solid Waste Resource Collection and Disposal By-Law No.27A”  (12.49 MB)