Public Hearing

Micro Cannabis Production / Processing Facility - 129 Tittle Road, Surettes Island (Attachment - 21 pages)
1. A development agreement application to enable a micro cannabis production/processing facility on the subject property. The application is to permit a modest change from the existing medical cannabis production operation on the property.

Aquaculture Interim Storage and Oyster Grading - PID 90110362, along Highway 3, Eel Brook (Attachment - 20 pages)
2. A development agreement application to amend the Land Use By-law (LUB) to allow marine related - aquaculture use on the subject property, to permit grading and intermittent storage of oysters from Eel Lake.

Evening Lounge Patio Use - 23 Chemin Du Pont Du Marais, Lower West Pubnico (Attachment - 18 pages)
3. A development agreement application to enable an evening patio accessory to the permitted craft distillery and lounge use to permit the patio component to operate past 9pm. If approved, the development agreement will enable the expanded hours of operation past 9pm.

Correction of Zoning Boundaries - 23, 25, 27 Chemin du Rocher (Attachment - 8 pages)
4. A rezoning application to adjust the zoning boundaries of the subject property to the Light Industrial (LI) zone and Mixed Use (MU) zone to align with proposed new lot lines that are a part of a separate lot consolidation process for three existing properties. If approved, the rezoning would bring the properties into better consistency with the Land Use Bylaw by providing larger lots that are serviced appropriately and which have adequate frontages.

Housekeeping Amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw (Attachment - 7 pages)
5. Proposed amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) policies and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) regulations to correct errors, omissions or regulations which have proved to be unsuccessful. In total, four changes are considered for the Land Use Bylaw dealing with campground regulations, automobile repair uses, fur farm uses, and minor housekeeping amendments are proposed for the Municipal Planning Strategy to remove cost requirements.

Regular Council Meeting

  1. Call Meeting to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda/Conflict of Interest Declaration
  3. Presentation - none.
  4. Adoption of Minutes
    1. ARC Meeting Minutes - May 27, 2021 (Attachment - 3 pages)
  5. Business Arising from the Minutes  
  6. Councillors Report
  7. Warden's Report (Attachment - 1 page)
  8. Staff Report (Attachment - 11 pages)
  9. For Decision
    1. Draft Strategic Plan Review and Approval (Attachment - 8 pages)
    2. Article C-44 - Council Videoconferencing Policy (Attachment - 4 pages)
    3. Article C-45 - COVID-19 Policy (Attachment - 4 pages)
  10. Correspondence and For Information
    1. September 2021 Western Counties Regional Library Newsletter (Attachment - 2 pages)
    2. April - September 2021 MODA Building Permit Report (April) (May) (June) (July) (August) (September)
    3. COVID-19 Pop-Up Clinics in the Municipality of Argyle (Attachment - 1 page)
    4. Copy of letter to Department of Education regarding the demolition of Wedgeport School (Attachment - 1 page)
  11. Financial Requests
    1. District Community Grant Request of $500 – Sluice Point Betterment Committee (Attachment - 1 page)
    2. District Community Grant Request of $500 - Harbour Authority of Two Islands (Attachment - 4 pages)
  12. Agenda Topics for Next Meeting / Notice of Motion by Councillors
  13. Question Period
  14. In Camera - Personnel
  15. Adjournment