Argyle Municipal Councilors

Job Descriptions

Within the Municipality of Argyle, there are 9 elected officials, representing a wide range of communities – from East Pubnico to Wedgeport. Your Councillor is committed to representing the concerns and issues of your district and the needs of the broader community of Argyle as a whole. Argyle Councillors make decisions that deal with a wide range of services that impact both the future of Argyle and the day-to-day lives of the citizens. Some of these services include but are not limited to:

  • Police, Fire and Emergency Services
  • Grants to non-profit organizations
  • Public transit and airport operations
  • Parks, recreation and trails/sidewalks
  • Community and Economic Development
  • Enforcement of local bylaws
  • Solid waste, garbage collection and recycling
  • Library Services
  • Community enhancement; Arts and culture
  • Building code, inspection and Land-Use (zoning)
  • Domestic animal control

Many residents also approach their Municipal Councilor for issues that are the responsibility of the Provincial Government, such as:

  • Road Conditions / Road Grading
  • Ditches and other maintenance
  • Environmental Issues (oil spillage)
  • Marine Pollution
  • Etc

Our councilors would be pleased to aid you in these areas of concern as well, even if the issue may not be in their direct influence. Councilors will work with the department or the local MLA / MP on your behalf.

Key responsibilities of Argyle Councillors include the following:


  • Approve the annual budget and residential and commercial tax rates
  • Meet with residents to gain familiarity with local issues/concerns about existing and proposed services within the Municipality
  • Attend community gatherings and meetings to keep abreast of district issues/concerns
  • Obtain the assistance of municipal staff in resolving and addressing unique or particular issues raised by residents
  • Communicate Council decisions through attendance at meetings, newsletters, community gatherings and web postings


  • Review and analyze studies and proposals on a wide range of programs and issues
  • Develop positions and motions to influence the direction of policy/programs and services
  • Determine the level of support amongst residents, refine proposals and present/ justify them at Community Council and Regional Council
  • Participate as a voting member of Council in setting the Municipal budget and determining service fees and tax levels as well as service levels to balance the provision of services with the maintenance of acceptable fee/taxation levels

Representation on Boards and Committees:

  • In addition to attending Community meetings, Community Council and Regional Council, your Councillor serves on a number of boards and committees

Regional Representation

Your councilors and Warden also represent Argyle on a number of regional boards and organizations, including but not restricted to:

  • Yarmouth International Airport Corporation
  • Yarmouth Area Industrial Commission
  • Regional Enterprise Network (Regional Economic Development)
  • Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Tourism Association
  • Yarmouth - Argyle - Barrington District Planning Commission

Shared Service

Your elected representatives, along with senior staff, are in the process of reviewing its existing shares services and considering whether other services could be shared.

Advantages that we seek in Shared Service:

  • Improved Service, better people, more efficient service
  • Reduced cost to Municipality of Argyle residents
  • Better coordination amongst our municipal services

Potential disadvantages of Shared Services:

  • Loss of direct control over our process
  • Style / Culture of the services could be negatively impacted
  • Centralization of services may not be in our municipality