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In accordance with the Municipal Dog By-Law, the owner of a dog in the Municipality of Argyle must register the dog and pay a fee for a dog tag.

Dog tag fees are used to offset a small portion of the costs to control and manage the dog population in the municipality. Also, the tags help us find the owner in situations where dogs get lost.

Every owner of a dog is responsible to keep his/her dogs on his/her property unless the dog is under restraint (eg. leash) or control of a person if the dog is off the owner’s property. The Municipality has the authority to impound a dog that is found running at large, is fierce or dangerous or does not have a current dog tag.

If a dog is found running at large every attempt is made to contact the owner, this is done using the dog tag as identification. A dog will be held at the pound for up to 72 hours; if the owner is not located or refuses to pick up the dog, it will be transferred to the adoption shelter (SPCA Yarmouth) in an attempt to find a new home providing the dog is considered to be a suitable pet. The owner will be charged any applicable fines.

Thank you for being a responsible dog owner, should you have any questions, please contact us.

Annual Dog Registration Fees:

  • Dog registration (male or female) $ 20.00
  • Dog registration for a neutered male or spayed female $ 10.00
  • Dog registration for a neutered male or spayed female that is implanted with a microchip or tattooed $ 5.00
  • Replacement of a valid lost tag $ 1.00

Other fees:

  • Kennel Registration $100.00
  • Registration of a Fierce and Dangerous dog $100.00 (dog tag also required)

Dog tags are available at the Municipality of Argyle Administration Building, 5 Rue J. E. Hatfield Court, Tusket and at the SPCA, 298 Hardscratch Road, Yarmouth.

Contact the Municipality at 902-648-2311

Dog Control

For all dog-related issues within the Municipality of the District of Argyle please contact the dispatch number at 902-307-0475.