The Municipality is committed to a focused approach to providing municipal services to our residents. The traditional role of municipal government is changing. Besides property-related services, Municipalities are asked and expected to deliver community services that go beyond traditional definitions and focus on what is most important for our residents.

Our strategic planning journey included community conversations with our nine districts, to ensure we understood what was most important to our residents. Our work and the feedback resulted in the development of these 4 goals.

  • Influence the creation of jobs in Argyle and the region.
  • Population growth, focusing on bringing our youth back into our community to work and live
  • Review and update residents’ current service needs while controlling costs.
  • Promote and protect our established heritage, cultural and community assets and unique blend of Acadian and Anglophone communities.

Inside each goal, we have established objectives, and the work is ongoing! Please read the attached plan to see our detailed approach.

pdf Municipality of Argyle - Strategic Plan (615 KB)