ted 2020Ted Saulnier – Councillor since 2020

Plymouth, Upper Wedgeport, Wedgeport, Little River Harbor, Comeau's Hill

Councillor Ted Saulnier, lives in Plymouth with his wife of 43 years, Alice. Ted and Alice have 3 children, Jason, Tiffany and Tessa. From these 3 children, they have given them 8 grandchildren, whom you will often find hanging out at their home. They are his pride and joy.

Ted is a retired lobster fisherman of 45 years, as well as a carpenter in his spare time over the years.

He has been involved in various sports throughout his lifetime, but mainly baseball. Multiple times he headed the hospitality sector of the Old Timers National Baseball Tournament, which brought more than 400-500 participants and their family members to Yarmouth. He as well was involved in the fundraising and preparation for these events.

Ted strongly believes that all residents of communities should have their concerns heard. No issue is too small. He has always had an interest in local politics and opinions. Ted is looking forward to serving the community and Argyle as a whole.

 Member of the following committees:

  • Accessibility Committee
  • Planning Advisory Committee
  • Recreation Commission
  • Wedgeport Wastewater Committee
  • Western Region Sold Waste-Resource Management Authority


Phone: (902) 815-6262 
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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