Argyle Recreation Vision Statement

We envision a community where people of all abilities, experience the joy and the freedom to be found through daily participation in a wide variety of unstructured and structured opportunities for play, recreation and physical activity in our beautiful natural surroundings, recreation spaces and quality facilities. Individuals appreciate the benefits of recreation and are aware of the opportunities. Leaders and community organizations collaborate to provide quality recreation opportunities for the youngest to the eldest in all seasons of the year.

Argyle Recreation Mission Statement

It is critical for the Argyle Recreation Department to have acceptable results in the following areas:

  • Participation in recreation activities
  • Access to recreation opportunities
  • Client and public safety
  • Impact on healthy lifestyles
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Costs
  • Revenue
  • Condition of finances
  • Number of volunteers and volunteer satisfaction
  • Quality leaders
  • Quality and condition of facilities
  • Access to infrastructure
  • Access to nature
  • Connection to nature
  • Awareness of benefits and opportunities
  • Community representation