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In order to reduce waste costs while helping the environment, many Nova Scotians have embraced the goals of the Province's Solid Waste-Resource Management Strategy, to reduce the quantity of waste requiring disposal by 50%. By composting, organic waste is turned into a product that enriches and enhances our soil. In the process, new jobs are created and new business opportunities are realized. In this way, everyone in the Province has the possibility of turning a problem into an opportunity.

Compostable organic material includes:

  • Food waste (including meat, fish, bones and dairy products);
  • Leaf and yard waste; and
  • Non-recyclable paper products.

The following benefits are realized by keeping these valuable materials out of disposal sites:

  • Fewer and safer disposal sites;
  • Leachate reduction (landfill run-off);
  • Methane reduction (a global warming gas);
  • Job creation; and
  • A product to enhance soil (for the growth of stronger, healthier plants)