greencartReduce odours and increase cart cleanliness...

  • Wrap food waste in paper products; newsprint, boxboard (i.e. cereal box), soiled paper towel, flour, sugar or potato bags.
  • Place the balled-up paper on the grate or bottom of the cart at the start of each new cycle.
  • Keep lid closed when not in use.

In Summer...

  • Store the cart in a well-ventilated, shady area.
  • Put green cart out for collection even if it's not full.
  • Dish detergent spread around the lip of the cart will deter some insects.
  • A layer of peat moss over materials in the cart will kill control flies.
  • Lime sprinkled in the cart will kill maggots (if you get them).
  • Hose out the cart periodically.
  • Use soap, baking soda or ammonia to clean it.
  • Refrigerate or freeze very smelly items (i.e. seafood) until collection day.
  • Clean out your fridge on day 12 or 13 of your collection cycle, not day 2!

In Winter...

  • Wrapping food waste in paper products and using balled-up paper on the grate is very important to prevent material from freezing to the cart.
  • The cart does not have to go roadside every collection day. If the cart is not full and the weather is poor, you can wait until the next collection to roll it out to the curb.
  • In snowy conditions, set the cart about six feet from the roadside.
  • Put vegetable oil on the sides of the inside of the cart. It will prevent items from sticking (this is not likely necessary if materials are wrapped in paper).

For maintenance and/or replacement of your green cart contact Waste Check at (902) 742-1312 or the Municipality of Argyle at (902) 648-2623